Aims For Children

Social / Emotional

For children to feel secure and develop a sense of belonging

To value diversity and accept others as individuals

To develop bonds based on trust and respect with carers

To exhibit self-confidence, independence and self-control

To encourage children to respect other people, their opinions and belongings by positive role modelling


To cater for individuals and their needs

To encourage exploration and experimentation by providing choices and opportunities for independence

To provide a stimulating and challenging environment both indoors and outdoors that enhances learning

To enhance communication, language and problem solving skills

To provide an environment that prepares the children with skills they need for further learning, (pre-reading, literacy & numeracy concepts)


To develop gross & fine motor skills to a level of confidence and competence

To provide a safe environment where children have space to play

To cater for individual physical needs, both gross & fine motor skills

To provide an outdoor environment which is exciting, filled with opportunities for learning through adventure and imagination

To provide a challenging environment

Aims For Families

To support parents when necessary through ideas and resources

To maintain confidentiality and respect the rights of the family

To cater for individual physical needs, both gross & fine motor skills

To assist each family to develop a sense of belonging to the Centre in which their child participates by being greeted on arrival and departure at the centre, and involvement in regulat family events

To build and maintain a positive relationship with all families

To be aware that each family is different and respect these differences in regards to their culture, customs, language, beliefs, values and socioeconomic status.

Communicating with Families

Throughout the day parents have access to see the activities of their children through a Story Park portal, that is free for all parents.